SpaceGrill is a young Australian company with two true passions: a love of outdoor cooking and elegant, highly functional design. Born in a country synonymous with barbecuing, we’d like everybody to be able to experience the joys of relaxed days cooking outdoors for friends and family. Yet we recognise that outdoor living space for many – particularly city dwellers – is increasingly modest. And also that for some barbecues and grills are unsightly and obstructive. Or needlessly occupy valuable space.

And so the mission: to develop a barbecue specifically with those folk in mind. One that is big enough to cater for a decent sized gathering – not just your family, but also plenty of friends as well – and offers a truly great cooking experience. And just importantly, incorporates stunning space efficiency with incredibly functional, aesthetic design.

So that’s how SpaceGrill was born. Years in development, but designed to be utterly timeless.

Friends talking and bbq'ing at rooftop party

For others seeking to develop a space efficient barbecue or grill the answer seemed simply to make them smaller. Yet to our mind smaller doesn’t mean better or clever, just smaller – with less space for cooking. SpaceGrill has tread a completely different path, developing something altogether more innovative: a versatile, full sized barbecue that is wall mounted, and which simply folds down when not in use. A surprisingly simple, yet elegant solution, and one crafted from highly durable materials and top grade componentry worthy of its award-winning design.

But that’s just what we think – and maybe we’re just a little biased – so read on and you be the judge: meet the SpaceGrill.