• Bamboo Side Table

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    Bamboo Side Table

    £ 69.00 incl. VAT

    The latest accessory in the range, this innovative side table clips onto the side of SpaceGrill when needed, then can be cleverly stored away within the unit when in vertical storage mode. Made from premium bamboo and grade 443 stainless steel, this is just as durable and hard wearing as SpaceGrill itself. And as darn good looking.

    Each SpaceGrill can only accommodate one side table

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  • SpaceGrill stand

    Portable Stand

    Portable Stand

    £ 169.00 incl. VAT
    Recognising that some people may not have a suitable load bearing wall or structure, or wish to cook in different locations, we’ve a robust portable stand available. Powder coated in matt black, the stand offers a visual contrast to the SpaceGrill’s high-grade stainless steel finish. Included is a full length black Oxford protective cover, which neatly pulls over both the stand and SpaceGrill when the latter is in vertical storage position. Note:  Additional mounting bracket not included
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  • SpaceGrill™ SGBBQ640TC

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    Outdoor gas bbq SpaceGrill

    SpaceGrill™ SGBBQ640TC

    £ 599.00 incl. VAT
    SpaceGrill is like no other outdoor cooking appliance. It's Incredibly space efficient, surprisingly spacious and versatile, easy to install and move, patented pivot mechanism, plenty of power and control and so much more …
    • 3,072 cm² Total Cooking Area
    • 3 High Performance Stainless Steel Burners
    • 10.5 kW / 37,500 BTU
    • Premium Stainless Steel Construction
    • Pre-assembled. Only mounting bracket needs to be affixed.
    • Ceramic coated cast iron reversible hotplate included as factory issue, along with a high grade stainless steel grill.
    • Also included:
      • Propane regulator valve and connecting hose
      • Stainless steel mounting bracket (plus screws and plugs for affixing bracket)
      • Black Oxford cloth protective cover
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